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You need a credit expert. That's us.

We are Silicon Valley Credit Repair, and we are here to help you clean up your unhealthy credit. You deserve the best—we absolutely believe that. Whether it's reliable transportation, owning your own home, taking a much needed vacation or spending time with your family and friends, we want you to have it. Be prepared to experience a higher level of service where your credit report will not determine your worth.


Life happens! You don't have to carry it around. We are here to remove those past derogatory elements and leave them in the past where they belong. Our credit experts are fierce advocates who work tirelessly to increase credit scores, remove harmful reports and restore your credit.

Silicon Valley Credit Repair has an expert staff that has been challenging credit reporting agencies on our clients' behalf for over 20 years.


Our team of experts have mastered the various laws that pertain to credit repair from bankruptcy to real estate to consumer law. We pride ourselves in the continuous education and implementation of the strategies that allow us to deliver results in regard to the credit reporting industry.

It is our priority to inform you of what is crucial to maintain a healthy credit score so you may walk away from our program equipped to avoid the temptation of credit card debt and future negative consequences. It is important to know what a credit score is, how to get your annual credit report, what excellent credit is, how to raise your credit score and more.

Get your life back!

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